Thursday, 25 April 2013

MS1 Exam - Games Extracts/ Adverts

Bioshock Infinite

Technical Codes
  • P.O.V shot is used throughout the advert
  • Aspects of in game footage - will intrigue the audience
  • Face pace editing is used which tells us the game is full of action
Audio Codes
  • Voice over of a man - Main character?
  • Loud music is used to build up the pace of the trailer
  • Sound effects of weapons are used
Visual Codes
  • Man saves woman senario - representation of women
  • Use of colour is mostly dark but orange and red is used to symbolise fire and explosions
  • The characters clothes look old which suggest this game is set in the past
Tomb Raider

Technical Codes
  • Dark colours are used throughout the advert. This denotes that the game is mysterious and could involve death
  • Fast pace editing is used to build up the story of the game and to keep the audience intrigued
  • A tag line is used at the end of the trailer
Audio Codes
  • Tense music builds up
  • Voice over of the main character at the beginning of the trailer
  • Sound effects overlap into other shots - Sound bridges are used
Visual Codes
  • This game gives a representation of women
  • The main character wears skimpy clothes which will attract the male audience
  • Expressions of the character are mainly serious
COD Black Ops 2

Technical Codes
  • Text is used at the beggining of the advert to tell the viewer where it is set. It is also in game mode
  • There is a birds eye view of the entire scene
  • A tag line is used effectively to attract audience
Audio Codes
  • Each character shown has dialogue
  • Loud sound effects of the machinery
  • Music is played in the background throughout the trailer
Visual Codes
  • Brown and green colours are used - they symbolise army/soldiers 
  • Show a representation of men and women
  • Graphics used are very realistic

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