Thursday, 25 April 2013

MS1 Exam: Film trailers

Iron man 3

Technical Codes
  • Dark colours used at the beginning
  • Close up of the main character
  • Fast pace editing throughout the advert 
Audio Codes
  • Sound effects
  • Voice over of the main character
  • Tense music - building up
Visual Codes
  • Serious facial expressions
  • Armoured suit - can see he is a super hero
  • Lots of gestures used - aggressive actions
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Technical Codes
  • A variety of establishing shots used
  • High fast pace editing of scenes from the film
  • Several close ups of Harry and Voldemort. Face to face
Audio Codes
  • Tense music - builds up to climax
  • A sound bridge is used
  • Voice over of Voldemort
Visual Codes
  • Serious/ aggressive expressions used by the main characters
  • Graphics of the film title symbolise Harry Potter's scar
  • Gestures are used throughout the advert. Aggression towards other characters
Get Smart

Technical Codes
  • A few establishing shots are used
  • Panning shots are used when characters are running
  • Fast pace editing builds up towards the end of the trailer
Audio Codes
  • Voice over of a man
  • Dramatic/ opera music throughout the advert
  • Sound effects are used
Visual Codes
  • Formal clothes are worn by the characters - suggesting they are smart which reflects the title
  • Includes a representation of men and women
  • Gestures are used throughout the advert

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